Programme Career Day Light

During the Career Day Light there is a fair, several orientation interviews and a network drink. Besides this, there are also career oriented activities, such as Coaching, LinkedIn photoshoot, CV check, Self-test, Q&A about PhD programme, entrepreneurship and/or teachers' track.

During the day the organisations present themselves via the Fair, orientation interviews with students, and the network drink on the ground floor.

Programme Career Day Light 16 October 2019

13.30-13.45 Opening
13.45-16.30 Fair, orientation interviews
13.45-16.00 Career Activities
16.30-17.30 Network drinks
16.30-17.30 Meet & Greet Study and Student Associations, Wageningen Academy, Student Challenges

Orientation Interviews

Several organisations will be holding orientation interviews with selected students. If you are interested, you can upload your CV during registration. The organisation will make a selection and inform you on the outcome.

    Career oriented activities for students

    In Orion, wing Atlas side, there will be the following career information and support activities to students:

    • Career Coaching
    • LinkedIn Photo Shoot
    • CV check
    • Q&A PhD Programme
    • Q&A Entrepreneurship Track
    • Q&A Teachers Training