Curious what a study is really like? Try it out with online lecture series

Published on
October 28, 2021

Choosing your study programme is not something you do lightly. You have probably been reading a lot about different programmes online and maybe you have even visited some open days. But did you know you can also try it by following an online lecture series?

This way you can get a sneak preview of what it is like to study at our university, right from your own couch!

I really enjoyed following this online series, because it is different from an open day or trial day.

What is an online lecture series

After you register for the online lecture series, you will have access to four online lessons. You can follow these when it suits you. Besides these mini-lectures of teachers and students, you will receive assignments and quizzes.

Additionally, students of the programme will be ready to answer all your questions about the study and student life. A great way to get an impression of studying in Wageningen.

It is very helpful in your study choice and you can plan yourself when you want to do it. That is very handy when you are busy with your schoolwork.

This is how you start an online lecture series session

Would you like to try out a study programme? You can participate in an online lecture series of one of the three bachelor's programmes.

Check the Online lecture series page to see if your favourite bachelor's programme also has this option.

Next to online lecture series, there are many more ways to find out if one of our study programmes suits you. Take a look at all the ways to choose a study.