"Im in love with all animals, including reptiles"

Published on
July 8, 2021

Why do some animals have a higher ‘cute factor’ than others? That question has always interested former student and PhD student Sterrin Smalbrugge. With her children's books, theatre shows and research, she wants to show the social side of reptiles.

At night, we often turn off Netflix to enjoy our own gecko soap on the walls of our house. All sorts of intrigue plays out between those animals.
Sterrin Smalbrugge

Why study in Wageningen?

Despite the fact that Wageningen University & Research does not focus on reptiles, Sterrin made a conscious choice to study at Wageningen. She thinks it’s important to study animals as part of the ecosystem. The ecology department at Wageningen is very good and also pays attention to the interaction between humans and animals. She is also very pleased with the room for personal guidance from lecturers.

This is also the reason that she is now doing her PhD research with Frank van Langevelde of the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group.

That personal contact is really unique to Wageningen. If professors see that you have a passion for something, they give you all the space you need to develop it.
Sterrin Smalbrugge