Studying in Wageningen: lecture with a weather balloon

Published on
March 15, 2022

From a distance, you might think there’s a party going on. Someone releases a white helium-filled balloon. But this is not a party - just a celebration of science. Under the balloon, a white coffee cup has been mounted filled with sensors. And the crowd is made up of first-year students Soil, Water and Atmosphere. The balloon is a weather balloon that is to map the atmosphere.

Introduction to the Atmosphere

The course is called Introduction to the Atmosphere. ‘The students are introduced to everything related to the weather, atmosphere, meteorology and air quality’, meteorologist Bert Heusinkveld explains. ‘The students will use the data thus acquired during next week’s lectures. You could simply hand them the data, but this generates more commitment and is much more fun.’

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Soil, Water, Atmosphere is one of the nineteen bachelor programmes you can take in Wageningen, in fields such as biodiversity, climate change, feeding the world, circular economy, healthy food & living, and artificial intelligence.

Bachelor Open Day

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