What makes a teacher inspiring?

Published on
December 6, 2021

The way in which lectures are taught has a major influence on how well they are appreciated and how much students learn from them. Lecturers face the challenge of inspiring students every day and were further challenged to do so during the lockdown. But what makes a teacher inspiring?

Students are the ones who can best answer this question!

That is why the Wageningen University Fund organises the annual Teacher of the Year election.

Teacher of the Year competition

Students vote for their favourite teacher in the Teacher of the Year election, these votes lead to a longlist of 15 teachers with the most votes. A student jury then deliberates on the longlist, and makes a shortlist of 5 teachers. From these 5, a winner is selected. 

In addition to the honour, the winner (and the others on the shortlist) receive a sum of money that can be used for new educational goals. This way, we work on the continuous improvement of education.

This is why these teachers became Teacher of the Year

  • Teacher of the Year 2020 - Arie Nieuwenhuizen - Foto door Guy Ackermans voor UFW.jpg

    Arie Nieuwenhuizen - Teacher of the Year 2020

    "I really enjoy teaching. And I have a passion for my subject, physiology. Students appreciate that. I never just spin a story. I always try to include everyone and I try to keep it accessible."

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  • Teacher of the Year 2019 - Fred de Boer - Foto door Guy Ackermans voor UFW.jpg

    Fred de Boer - Teacher of the Year 2019

    "I think the most important thing is to stay close to yourself. Who I am in front of the class is who I am as a person. So I just make my lame jokes."

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  • Teacher of the Year 2018 - Henry van den Brand - Foto door Fleur Rake voor UFW.jpg

    Henry van den Brand - Teacher of the Year 2018

    The jury: "He doesn't just teach, he tells stories to his students by linking his own experiences as a farmer to the relevance to his subject."

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  • Teacher of the Year 2017- Jessica Duncan.jpg

    Jessica Duncan - Teacher of the Year 2017

    The jury: "She makes sure that students feel at home in her lessons.In addition, she covers topics in a good way in combination with the teaching material from literature."

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  • Teacher of the Year 2016- Roel Dijksma.jpg

    Roel Dijksma - Teacher of the Year 2016

    The jury: "Dijksma is very approachable, a good storyteller and always himself."

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    Video: 'How winning the Teacher of the Year Award has changed my life'  

Teachers continue to develop themselves

The Education Support Centre offers teachers help in improving their education by providing courses and training. They also give advice and support on innovative projects and IT in education.

In addition, teachers get a good dose of inspiration every year during the Teachers Day. During this day, they can follow all kinds of workshops. In this way, we continue to improve and develop education.