dr. A (Ashkan) Madadlou

dr. A (Ashkan) Madadlou

Externe medewerker

I am a Food Process Scientist. As the PhD project, at the University of Tehran (UT, Iran) and University College Cork (UCC, Ireland), I worked on enzyme encapsulation through the biomimetic silicification of dendrimers and exploited the encapsulated enzymes to release bioactive peptides from milk proteins. At the end of PhD, I received the Distinguished Doctoral Student Award for Excellence in Research. Meanwhile, I won bronze medal (rank 3) of Khwarizmi Youth Festival (more information) for my work on low-fat milk products.

After PhD, I supervised several projects on bioactive peptides, protein functionality, and protein gels, as well exploitation of emulsions and microemulsions for synthesis of bioparticles and encapsulation of bioactives. In 2016, I received the Distinguished Assistant Professor Award of the UT for Excellence in Research.

In 2017, after securing a grant in the frame of the highly competitive Agreenskills+ fellowship, a Marie Sklodowska-Curie co-fund program, I joined the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA, France) and worked on designing all-aqueous emulsions for pancreatic lipase encapsulation. In 2019, I secured a prestigious grant from WUR (WUR talent fellowship) to join the FQD group for designing all-aqueous emulsions for microreaction purposes in the food science. Currently, I am co-supervising several PhD, as well as, multiple student (MSc and BSc) projects on all-aqueous emulsions, artificial organells, and bioactive peptides.

I am author of nearly 110 papers in peer-reviewed journals (total citation count ~3200, h-index 33 on google scholar), and participated in about 15 conferences. I serve as an editorial board member of Food Chemistry (published by Elsevier), and Journal of Dairy Research (published by Cambridge University) since 2017.