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Education - FPM (Francine) Govers

I teach in various courses at the BSc and MSc level.


ABG-30306 Genomics
PHP-30306 Plant-Microbe Interactions
PHP-70436 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70439 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-80424 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80427 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80430 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80433 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80436 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80439 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-50806 Capita Selecta Phytopathology
EZO-20406 Biology of Invertebrates, Algae and Fungi, dissection free
PHP-50803 Capita Selecta Phytopathology
PHP-21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology
GEN-20806 Plant Biotechnology
PHP-70424 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70427 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70430 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70433 MSc Internship Phytopathology
ENT-20806 Integrated Pest Management
NEM-32806 Dilemmas in Food Safety and Security
EZO-20306 Biology of Invertebrates, Algae and Fungi
PHP-50306 The Magic of Mushroom and Mould Biology