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Projects - JWM (Han) van Dijk

MSc Tropical Foresty (Wageningen University), M.A. Anthropology (Utrecht University), PhD Agrciultural and Environmental Sciences (Wageningen University), Working on land tenure, pastoralism, natural resource management and conflicts, land governance in post-conflict situations, state formation, climate change adaptation and health governance

As program leader I am involved three major research projects

  1. Grounding land governance in post-conflict Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan.

This research project investigates how land governance evolves in post-conflict situations in Uganda, Burundi and Southern Sudan. It focuses on decentralization and its influence on relations of governance, the legitimacy of local institutions, and the resolution of land conflicts. The research critically examines the policies and interventions of donors and NGOs to support decentralized land governance and local institution building.


  1. Connecting micro and macro: bringing case-studies and model-based approaches together in analysing patterns of vulnerability to global environmental change.

This project aims to bring macro/top down, model-based and micro/bottom-up, case study based analysis together by studying patterns of vulnerability in drylands and coastal areas. It will result in: (1) a methodology for analysing patterns of vulnerability; (2) better understanding of vulnerable coastal areas and drylands to support policy making; and (3) provide a consolidated knowledge base for new case-studies.


  1. Accelerating progress towards attainment of MDG 4 and 5 in Ghana through basic health systems function strengthening.

This project seeks to develop and evaluate the impact of integrated and interdependent multi-disciplinary interventions on maternal and neonatal survival in Ghana. The priority theme is organization and delivery of essential and quality health services, however because of the interrelated nature of issues in health systems, the proposal also addresses linked themes in health system governance and decision making.


In addition I am involved in a number of smaller projects in the fields of food security, institutional development, pastoralism and land tenure, state formation, legal pluralism and conflict, forest governance, and migration