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Education - JP (Joost) Jongerden


RSO 12806 Sociologie en antropologie van gezondheid (until the academic year 2015-2016)

RSO 56806 Sociology and anthropology of place-shaping


RDS 32806 Sociology in development

RSO 32806 Advanced social theory

RSo 34306 Theorizing Development

RSO 55306 A global sense of place

CPT 54306 Geopolitics and strategic communication (until the academic year 2015-2016)



Critical perspectives on social theory

Spatial thinking in the social sciences


SDC-32806 Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective
RSO-34306 Theorizing Development: Implications for Research
RSO-58306 Advanced Social Theory
RSO-55306 A Global Sense of Place: Place-based Approaches of Development