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Projects - prof.dr. RJJ (Joost) van Neerven

AIO project: "Regulation of mucosal immunty by bovine milk ingredients"  (2013-2018) M. van Splunter

NWO TTW project (CBI with MIB and UMC Utrecht) "Modulation of immune responses in the upper airways: Contribution of novel dairy ingredients - MIRACLE" (2013-2018). O. Perdijk, E.van den Brink, S. Brugman

NWO TTW project (CBI with FQD and Erasmus MC)  "Immunogenic Properties of Heated and Glycated Cows Milk Protein Effect on Initiation and Resolution of Cows Milk Allergy - iAGE" (2016-2020). G.Teodorowicz

AIO Project "Effects of bovine immunoglobulins on human immune function"(2017-2021). M. Probahaie

WIAS AIO project (HAP with CBI): "A dietary approach to improve innate immune health" (2017-2021).