KDKC (Kalyan) Guntuboyina

KDKC (Kalyan) Guntuboyina

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Kalyan Chakravarthy Guntuboyina is a Senior Researcher with Wageningen UR and his main area of expertise is in business model innovations and public-private-partnership (PPP) framework development for sustainable agribusiness projects. 

With a Masters degree in Genetics and Plant breeding and Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness Management, Kalyan has worked  with some leading organizations such as BASF, Rabobank International, YES Bank and IFFCO in senior management and leadership positions before joining Wageningen UR (in 2013)

Kalyans publications include Indo-US Collaborations: The Agribusiness Opportunity (published by Indian Council of Research in International Economic Relations, April 2007) Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme: What it means for Banks? (published by The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, ICFAI University Press - October 2008) and Transition Strategies for Metropolitan Food Clusters (published by the International journal of Arts and Sciences, 2011). Other publications of Kalyan include: Sino-Dutch Shenxian New City of Agro Eco and Health Conceptual Master Plan for the development of the Agropark Wageningen, Wageningen UR, 2014; Metropolitan Food Cluster Chiapas, Mexico, Feasibility Study. Wageningen, Wageningen UR 2014.

Kalyan has held several honorary positions which include , Member of Indias Planning Commission working group on Animal Husbandry and Livestock (2011) and Convenor of Agrobusiness sub-committee of Indian Banks Association (2009 -2010). He is presently a Member of the Advisory Committee of Post Graduate Diploma programme of National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, (MANAGE) India.