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Projects - KDKC (Kalyan) Guntuboyina

Adaptive Irrigation Model for Small Farmers - AIMS (Ongoing - 2018 to 2021)

Role: Project leader

Project involves assessment and quantification of socio-economic benefits of "custom hireable irrigation service model"

 India Water Initiative (2014-2015)

Role: Project leader

Project involved the creation of a business innovation framework to make advanced irrigation systems such as centre pivots and hose reel systems accessible to small and marginal farmers in India.

Establishment of "The first modern agriculture development area of Central Plains of China - Shandong Province, China (2014-2015)

Role: Project leader

Project involved feasibility study for establishing an integrated Agropark in Shenxian county of Shandong province and evaluation of its business potential. Project also involved development of a conceptual master plan and  detailed project report for Agropark which can house advanced horticulture production systems.

Feasibility Study for establishing  Agroparks in Chiapas, Mexico (2013 - 2014)

Role: Project leader

Project involved assessment of the supply-side strength of Chiapas state in agribusiness, assessment of demand -seide drivers (domestic and international  demand);  preparation of the conceptual masterplan for the development of the Metropolitan Food Cluster in Chiapas.