KG (Kesso Gabrielle) van Zütphen MSc

KG (Kesso Gabrielle) van Zütphen MSc

PhD Candidate

Kesso Gabrielle van Zutphen is a public health nutritionist with a background in nutrition, public health and public policy. In her dual role as PhD candidate in Human Nutrition at Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands) and Research and Knowledge Manager at Sight and Life Foundation (Switzerland), she leads both the knowledge management strategy of the Sight and Life think tank and conducts research on the effect of iron supplementation on menstrual blood loss and genital tract infections among adolescent girls in Malawi. 

Her work spans across the design and implementation of successful and innovative solutions to curb the prevalence of malnutrition among vulnerable populations through sustainable business models, public-private partnerships for nutrition and demand generation. Her most recent work in Madagascar aims to inform the context-specific design and successful implementation of nutrition programming using prenatal multiple micronutrient supplements. 

Prior to that, she led the M&E program of a multi-sectoral nutrition campaign in Malaysia along with DSM, GAIN, World Vision and the Asian Football Confederation and was Manager of Operations of the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition where she co-led the secretariat. 

Kesso Gabrielle holds a bachelor's degree from Maastricht University, a master's from Edinburgh University and a Swiss Nutritional Therapy degree pursued in Geneva, Switzerland. She is fluent in French, English and Dutch and is based in Nyon, Switzerland.