dr. LE (Lisa) Becking

dr. LE (Lisa) Becking

DLO Onderzoeker, Universitair docent, Externe medewerker

I am a marine biologist with a long-held interest in tropical marine biodiversity. A key question of my research is how communities of species adapt in response to environmental change over ecological and evolutionary timescales.

Through collaborative research projects, I take a multi-facetted approach to biodiversity by applying techniques of genomics, bioinformatics, environmental analyses, paleontology, and taxonomy. These combined datasets allow a detailed dissection of the relative roles of ecological speciation, colonization, habitat filtering, and isolation in the formation of marine communities. 

By focusing on a conceptual area of broad relevance, my research bridges multiple domains: while I am a marine biologist, I work closely with terrestrial biologists interested in similar questions; my work is based in the tropics, though the principals apply to temperate systems as well.

Academic CV

  • 2013-2015       NWO Rubicon postdoctoral fellow, UC Berkeley, Evolab
  • 2012-present  Tropical Marine Ecologist IMARES
  • 2007-2012       PhD, Naturalis Biodiversity Center & Leiden University
  • 2007                Junior Researcher University College Dublin
  • 2004-2005       Japan Prizewinners Programme at Tokyo University
  • 2004                MSc Biology, University of Amsterdam

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