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Education - PA (Pieter) de Vries

Courses: - Policy and Institutions - People, Policy and Resources in Comparative Perspective - Governance, Livelihood and Resources - Policy, Programs and Projects for Development

Supervision of Research Topics (recent examples):

- Cultural Politics and the Black Brazilian Movement and Popular Culture in Recife, Brazil

- Slum Politics and Brokers in Recife, Brazil

- Community Organizing as a strategy against Violence in the Colombian Pacific

- Watershed Management, mobility and migration in Cochabamba, Bolivia

- Forest Conservation and Global Governmentality in Indonesia

- Bureaucratic Politics in a Regional Development Project in Ethiopia

- Watershed Management, mobility and migration  in Cochabamba, Bolivia


- Seasonal Migration and Watershed Management in Cochabamba, Bolivia


YSS-60806 Cutting Edge Issues in Development and Rural Innovation
SDC-32306 Anthropology and Development
SDC-33806 Policy, Projects and Programs for Development
SDC-10306 Law, Policy and Governance