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Education - dr. RGM (Ron) de Goede

I teach modules in the courses Ecology I and Ecology II, Soil and Landschape VariabilityConservation Agriculture, Soil Pollution and Soil Protection and the Intergration course Soil-Water-Atmosphere. Furthermore, I teach the MSc course Biomonitoring at Ghent University, Belgium and participate in the course Identification of Terrestrial and Freshwater nematodes of the NIOO.


SBL-81827 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81824 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81830 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81833 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81839 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
FTE-50806 Conservation Agriculture
SBL-81836 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SGL-10309 Integration Course Soil, Water, Atmosphere
PEN-20503 Ecology II
SGL-32806 Soil and Landscape Variability
SOC-21306 Soil Pollution and Soil Protection
SBL-50806 Agrobiodiversity