SUN Business Network Bangladesh workshop on improving nutrition and diets through adopting a food systems lens : Stakeholder engagement and capacity building workshop SUN Business Network Bangladesh

Syed, Ridwam; Zaman, Tasfia; Herens, Marion; Bakker, Sanne; Vignola, Raffaele


On the 1st of October 2019 GAIN, jointly with WFP and WCDI, organised a one day workshop for the Sun Business Network in Bangladesh to i) to promote deeper and shared understanding of the pathways for improving nutrition and healthier diets through adopting a food systems lens and to contribute to environmental and social responsibility, and ii) to strengthen the capacity of SBN Bangladesh to understand, strategize and steer action to improve nutrition outcomes through adopting a food systems lens. This report summarizes the results of the presentations provided by GAIN, WFP, Light Castle Partners and WCDI, and the outputs of the group work on food system mapping.