Verbesserung der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik im Hinblick auf die Stärkung der Resilienz : Politikempfehlungen für widerstandsfähigere Landwirtschaftssysteme in der EU

Buitenhuis, Yannick; Candel, Jeroen; Feindt, Peter H.; Termeer, Katrien; Mathijs, Erik; Bardají, Isabel; Black, Jasmine; Martikainen, Anna; Moeyersons, Mertijn; Sorrentino, Alessandro


One of the aims of the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is to improve the resilience of Europe's farming systems. The CAP of the budget period 2014–2020, however, has insufficiently supported the resilience of farming systems. The ongoing CAP reform process offers an appropriate opportunity to integrate a broader perspective on resilience in the CAP. We therefore propose a set of policy recommendations on how to improve the capability of the CAP to support more fully the resilience (i.e. robustness, adaptability and transformability) of farming systems in the EU. The policy recommendations are based on a comparative analysis of six national co-design workshops with stakeholders and a final EU-level workshop with Brussels-based experts. We concluded three key lessons about the CAP's influence on resilience: (1) resilience challenges, needs and policy effects are context-specific; (2) resilience capacities are complementary, but trade-offs between robustness, adaptability and transformability occur at the level of policies and due to budget competition; (3) there is a need for a coordinated long-term vision for Europe's agriculture, which is difficult to achieve through the bargaining processes associated with a CAP reform. We propose specific policy recommendations that could contribute to a better balance between policies that support robustness, adaptability and transformability of Europe's farming systems.