Senna Middelveld: Sheep scab in Scotland

For this seminar I present my PhD thesis about sheep scab in Scotland. This thesis is exploratory in nature, and it is inspired by Actor-Network Theory. I used multi-sited ethnography as the main methodology, as I followed sheep scab stories and practices. These stories and practices are broad, since I have interviewed and observed diverse sheep scab practitioners, ranging from slaughterhouse employees to law enforcers and farmers.

Organizado por Knowledge Technology and Innovation

mar 5 febrero 2019 12:30 Hasta 13:30

Lugar Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Cuarto V72

An exploration of multiple disease situations

I argue for a topological-relational approach to sheep scab in Scotland, which proved helpful to answer the main question: How are multiple sheep scab situations enacted in Scotland? In my answer to this question I distinguish between two different disease situations: no time to waste and patiently waiting. In these sheep scab situations two different mites-enacted play a key role: visible- and invisible-mites-enacted.