Student colloquium June 29

Organizado por Operations Research and Logistics Group

mar 29 junio 2021 12:00 Hasta 13:40

12:00 | Yvet Renkema | Bachelor thesis final presentation 
Lots to exchange for better soil quality’ 
Supervisors: dr. Frits Claassen, Maarten Kik 

12:20 | Gwen Hoogeboom | Master thesis final presentation 
‘The impact of implementing a more continuous system in the supply chain of Royal Lemkes’ 
Supervisors: dr. Renzo Akkerman, prof. dr. Sander de Leeuw, Patrick Kester (Royal Lemkes) 

12:40 | Geert van Maledegem | Bachelor thesis final presentation 
‘Influence of tactical and strategic management decisions on crop and financial yield’ 
Supervisors: Maarten Kik, dr. Frits Claassen 

13:00 | Nicole Medema | Master thesis final presentation type 
‘Integrating quality management into the fresh fruit supply chain using intelligent containers: a case study on the banana supply chain’ 
Supervisor: prof. dr. Sander de Leeuw  

 13:20 | Niek Ammerlaan | Bachelor thesis final presentation 
‘Transportation/inventory problem due to uncertainty in lead time and transit quantities: A case study from the concrete industry’ 
Supervisors: dr. Karin Pauls, dr. Renzo Akkerman