Licere and Pangea made IMPACT for tourism careers

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3 de febrero de 2015

The study association Licere (related to the MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment) organized an event called IMPACT together with Pangea (the study association for the bachelor in Tourism) and staff members of the Cultural Geography Group on the 13th of January 2015. IMPACT stands for Internship, Master, PhD, Alumni, Career and, Thesis. The day made students aware of available thesis coordinators and their interests, possible career tracks, and what alumni have been doing after graduation.

Students furthermore had the opportunity to partake in speed dating amongst 1st, 2nd and 3rd year MLE students on internship and thesis choices. It gave students the opportunity to ask all questions about the thesis and internship that students in the first year have to start preparing. BTO students, partly coming from Breda that day, had the opportunity also to learn more about making the right choices for a BSc minor, a MSc program after graduation, and possible career paths that might follow.

The speed dating session was followed by 3 presentations of former MLE students that came to share their professional life experiences after the master. These presentations gave an idea as to what students could be doing for a living in a few years from now. "Even though I am not yet thinking about what job opportunities I would want to pursue after this master, it was very interesting to hear the different possibilities."

The day ended with a lecture by Greg Richards on The New Geographies of Tourism and traditional drinks '('borrel). "It was a very successful day which has prepared me a little bit more for what is to come in the next few years."

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