Ella  Stephens

Ella Stephens

Ella Stephens is a MSc Nutrition & Health student at Wageningen University & Research with a specialization in nutritional physiology and health status. In 2017 she graduated from Cornell University, USA, with a BSc in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry, where her interest in plant-based nutrition began. After learning about the diet-disease connection, Ella focused on prevention through food choices. After her Bachelor’s, Ella began working for an American non-profit organization, PlantPure Communities. Ella worked in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and England, and eventually moved to The Netherlands in 2019 to pursue her Master’s. With a passion to educate others about the importance of diet for individual, societal, and planetary health, Ella co-created the MOOC Plant Based Diets: Food for a Sustainable Future for her MSc thesis. Ella aspires to continue educating the world about plant-based diets through work, speaking engagements, and potentially a PhD in the future.