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Education - dr. GAK (George) van Voorn

  • Course coordinator of the course MAT15003 (mathematics 3);
  • Course coordinator of SSB-30806 Modelling in Systems Biology;
  • Involved in several courses and Summer Schools on mathematics and Agent Based Modelling.

Previously: Mathematics, Statistics, Theoretical Biology, Community Ecology, The Microbial Cell (VU Amsterdam, 2004-2008); Mathematics II, Theoretical Biology (University of Utrecht, 2000-2001)


MAT-14903 Mathematics 2
MAT-15003 Mathematics 3
SSB-30806 Modelling in Systems Biology
MAT-80424 MSc Thesis Mathematical and Statistical Methods
MAT-14803 Mathematics 1
MAT-34306 Stochastic Differential Equations and Data Assimilation