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Projects - JA (José) Barrena-Ruiz MSc

Governing nature conservation and mobile agents in the marine and coastal spaces of Southern Patagonia

Nature conservation projects in southern Chile have generated enclosed spaces, promoting the mobility of some social groups (e.g. tourists and scientists), while restricting or regulating the mobility of others (e.g. fishermen and indigenous people). Although these conservation projects have contributed to avoiding ecological degradation, the establishment of bounded conservation spaces is bringing social implications for the sovereignty and equity in accessing and using natural resources. At the same time mobile actors and activities associated with conservation and resource use transcend these fixed boundaries. This in turn has raised questions over the effectiveness of area-based approaches to conservation. Against this background, this project explores and analyses the governance of mobility and immobility of various actors and sectors in relation to the burgeoning spatial claims of nature conservation projects in the marine and coastal spaces of Southern Patagonia, Chile. Fieldwork will generate data by tracking and analysing the movement of these actors and sectors by collecting information through participant observation, interviews and meetings.