J (Jurre) Dekker

J (Jurre) Dekker

Researcher agroecology

My research focuses on the relationship between agriculture and nature. From my background, I consider farms as agroecosystems connected to the environment. I am concerned with reducing the negative effects that intensified agriculture has on the environment, by using nature as a solution. Nature-inclusive agriculture and agroecology are interesting paths towards this development for me as these concepts can provide increased ecosystem services.

In concrete terms, I contribute to the development of nature-inclusive agriculture and the KPI system within Dutch agricultural policy and I develop evaluation methods for agroecological farms. I also monitor biodiversity in rural areas with experts and citizen science approaches.

Projects in which I am involved:

Ontwikkeling KPI's voor kringlooplandbouw
PPS Boeren met Biodiversiteit
Ontwikkeling raamwerk voor evaluatie van het agro-ecologisch functioneren op landschapsschaal
- Concretisering van het concept natuurinclusieve landbouw
Monitoring natuurinclusieve experimenten Staatsbosbeheer
Boeren voor Natuur