CJAM (Katrien) Termeer CJAM (Katrien) Termeer

Professor/Chairholder Administration and Policy

Prof. Dr. ir. C.J.A.M. Termeer studies new modes of governance of wicked problems in the fields of climate change and sustainable agro-food chains. Before she had been working at the universities of Rotterdam and Delft, the ministry of Agriculture and Sioo. Sideactivities: Crown-appointed member Social and Economic Council (SER); member Council of Public Governance (ROB); member Continental Supervisory Board Solidaridad Europe; EU High Level Group Biosphere Economy Innovation


Lectures and podcast appearances:

Congress Association for Dutch Municipalities, March 20 2023
Keynote 'Meaningful governance over tough issues' (NL)

Nieuwe Maan: festival for transformation, January 21 2023
Speech: the transformation of our food system (NL)

Ecosofie Podcast, August 29 2023
Small steps for big change with Katrien Termeer (NL)


Key Publications:

Termeer, C.J.A.M. and Dewulf, A. (2018). A small wins framework to overcome the evaluation paradox of governing wicked problems. Policy and Society.

Termeer, K., Dewulf, A. & Biesbroek, R. (2017). Transformational change: governance interventions for climate change adaptation from a continuous change perspective. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 60(4): 558-576.


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