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Education - MA (Maja) Slingerland

Initiation, coordination and teahcing in PPS-31306 Global food security and in PBR-37306 Advanced Bioresources. Contribution to initiation, design and implementation of the module Food Access as part of the MOOC series Food Security and Sustaianability. The module is offerd as CPT-57302.

Guest lectures in::

  • Introduction to Nutrition and Health in Developing countries
  • Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems
  • In Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied sciences: Food security module
  • Courses for PhD candidates and for professionals  organised by  WCDI or Wageningen Academy


PPS-30806 Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems
CPT-57302 Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access
PPS-31306 Global Food Security
PPS-50806 Capita Selecta Plant Production Systems
PPS-79224 MSc Research Practice Plant Production Systems
PPS-80424 MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
HNH-26806 Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
PBR-37306 Advanced Bioresources