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Education - dr. M (Maria) Forlenza PhD

Coordinator of the MSc course Frontiers in Animal Health (AFI33806)

In my team we use molecular, cellular and biochemical approaches to study the immune system of animals. We then use this knowledge to develop experimental vaccines using the latest vaccine technologies. Currently our focus is on nucleic acids-based vaccines, live replicating vaccines and viral vector vaccines

Do you like immunology, do you like to study host-pathogen interactio and/or would you like to apply your molecular skill to help us develop and test our vaccines? send me an e-mail to receive the pdf of the latest research projects.

MSc thesis are often also in collaboration with the laboratory of Virology group (VIR) or with the Host-Microbe Interactomics group (HMI).


AFI-33806 Frontiers in Animal Health
AFI-34306 Short Research Projects in Fish Biology
AFI-50401 Capita selecta Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-50403 Capita selecta Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-50404 Capita selecta Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-50406 Capita selecta Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-80424 MSc Thesis Aquaculture and Fisheries