dr.ir. MM (Marleen) Riemens PhD

dr.ir. MM (Marleen) Riemens PhD

Team manager Crop Health

Dr.ir. Marleen Riemens studied Plant Breeding and Crop Protection at Wageningen University. She obtained her PhD at the Crop and Weed Ecology Group of Wageningen University in 2009, completing a thesis with the title “On the development, environmental effects and human dimension of weed management”. Since 2003 she works at Wageningen University and Research Centre at different groups in different positions. First as a researcher at the Agrosystems Research group, and since 2016 she is head of the scientific research team Crop protection that focusses on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in arable production systems at WUR.

Marleen Riemens has expertise on sustainable arable plant production systems. She is specialized in integrated pest and weed management. She was project leader of several projects related to the development of integrated weed management systems, side effects of pesticides on non- target organisms, novel monitoring and detection systems fitting in IPM systems, and cultural and mechanical weed control tools.

She chairs the EWRS (European Weed Research Society) working group Physical and Cultural Weed Control, and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Weed Research Society. She is member of the board of the Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology (KNPV) and a subject editor for Weed Research.

The crop protection research team is developing sustainable solutions for crop protection issues in field crops. Warning and monitoring techniques, crop cultivation measures, biological control, and a conscious use of chemistry form the basics of the crop protection systems we are working on. Through the combined utilisation of all these basic elements in new and existing cropping systems we offer the sector solutions for fungal diseases, insect pests, slugs, nematodes and weeds.