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Projects - prof.dr. SR (Simon) Bush

Selected current projects

CircAqua - focused on the development of offshore low trophic aquaculture in theDutch North Sea.

FAO-China-Netherlands SSC programme -  Workpackage on China’s and the EU’s support to aquaculture sustainability in Africa 

BeWild - exploring the role of e-DNA in monitoring biodiversity around offshore wind energy parks in the North Sea.

OR-ELSE project analysing the challenge of marine spatial planning for sand mining and coastal climate resiliencein the North Sea.

Aquaculture Governance Indicators - an assessment framework for global aquaculture governance in partnership with the Monterrey Bay Seafood Watch programme.

Selected completed projects 

BESTTuna - examained  the innovative new governance arrangements for sustainabile and equitable tuna managment in the Western Pacific Ocean.

IFITT - explored the potential for traceability to drive improved information for sustainable tuna in Indonesia.

SUPERSEAS - assessed the potential for beyond farm managment of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.