SEATM (Sjoerd) van der Zee SEATM (Sjoerd) van der Zee

Externe medewerker

After having worked in soil and groundwater contamination, I have predominantly been active in the broad topic of ecohydrology, since 2005 as the professor of ecohydrology. This field aims to understand interactions between hydrology and ecosystem functioning (vice versa). Whereas my own research is mainly physically focused, also chemistry and biology aspects are given proper attention.

At the moment, my main themes are: (i) flow of water and transport of chemicals (solutes) in the heterogeneous soil and subsurface, (ii) surface runoff/overland flow of water and chemicals from soil surface to the surface water network, (iii) stochastic and density driven flow issues in water flow and solute transport, and (iv) applications aimed at the problems of e.g. salinity and sodicity, transport of so-called emerging contaminants as anti microbial resistance, pathogens, pharmaceutical products and pesticides.