Marktkansen voor Noordzeekrab en Europese kreeft uit windparken op de Noordzee : Win-Wind project: ‘making offshore wind farms winning for society’ : economisch en marktonderzoek - Deelproject Werkpakket M-1 en M-2

Hoekstra, Geert


Due to the construction of increasing numbers of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, there is more attention for co-use by fishers within these wind farm areas. There is potential for a limited number of fishers to catch brown crab using passive gear in wind farms. At the same time, this poses challenges that require further research, such as the business model for passive fishery targeting brown crab, sustainable management of the crab population, and alternative markets besides the lucrative export market to China. From a market perspective both brown crab and European lobster from offshore wind farms offer potential. However, lobsters have only been found in wind farms in very limited numbers, which hampers the potential for market growth. Brown crab, on the other hand, has been observed in far greater numbers in wind farms. As a result, crab undoubtedly has potential.