Exposure visit from Bangladesh to the Netherlands

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10 de octubre de 2012

From 25 August to 3 September 2012, a team of four staff members of the Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology visited the Netherlands. The visit took place as part of the DUET NICHE project for capacity development in water and climate change and the objective was to provide information on education, research and facilities related to water and climate change.

13 Sep 2012

Unit: Earth System Science Group

The DUET colleagues visited projects on:

  •     sustainable shellfish growth on shore and in the water
  •     management of sweat water for agriculture in a saline environment
  •     salt aquaculture basins
  •     multifunctional water barriers and coast protection
  •     building with water (floating houses).

Besides the excursions there were project meetings, a briefing on the Dutch Delta programme and a visit to the WUR library. At 3 September they left full of inspiration for the new courses and research lines they want to develop, and for the establishment of their digital library.