Marielle Stel: Mimicry brings people closer together

June 24, Marielle Stel from the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University will speak about Mimicry.

Organizado por Strategic Communication, Knowledge Technology and Innovation, Philosophy

lun 24 junio 2013 15:00 Hasta 16:00

Lugar Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Cuarto C78

Emotional and prosocial effects of mimicry in interactions

Mimicry is defined as unconsciously imitating the nonverbal behaviors of others. It has been shown that people often spontaneously mimic the facial and vocal expressions, mannerisms, gestures, and postures of other people.

In her talk, Marielle Stel will explain how mimicry and facial feedback mechanisms work and present studies showing the consequences of these processes. First, she will show that mimicry helps to understand the emotions of others, except when judging the veracity of another person’s emotions.

Furthermore, she will discuss the consequences of mimicry for the connectedness to the mimickee, as well as to other people in general. At the end, she would like to start a discussion about how mimicry can be used in more applied settings.