Student colloquium May 25

Organisé par Operations Research and Logistics Group

mar. 25 mai 2021 12:00 à 13:30

12:00 | Laurens Buijs | Final presentation Master thesis
‘Using Neural Networks to forecast the intermittent demand of spare parts’
Supervisors: dr. Rene Haijema, dr. Peter Kirst

12:20 | Konstantina Topouzidou | Proposal pitch Master thesis
‘Building a circular supply chain for olive oil production by valorizing its waste-streams’
Supervisor: dr. Argyris Kanellopoulos

 12:30 | Jan van de Pol | Final presentation Master thesis
‘Multiobjective analysis on the sustainability of microalgae refinery methods’
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers

 12:50 | Loris Monasso | Final presentation Master thesis
Economic optimal supply chain of using organic waste streams for insect larvae-based animal feed production’ - a case study on empty agricultural buildings in the province of Gelderland’
Supervisor: dr. Ellen Slegers

 13:10 | Shuangyi Wang | Final presentation Master thesis
‘A literature review of the sustainable supply chain optimization in dairy industry’
Supervisors: dr. Ellen Slegers, dr. Renzo Akkerman