A (Albert) Aalvanger MSc

A (Albert) Aalvanger MSc


Negotiating new governmental arrangements for governing the local living environment

The economic crisis, demographic change and the decline of the welfare state have all influenced the rise of self-governing communities. Within these self-governing communities citizens develop their own modes of governance (strategies, tools, spatial plans, etc.) to manage and improve their local living environment. As citizens demand and are given more control over their local living environment, new governmental arrangements emerge: new and sometimes innovative ways for defining problems, taking decisions and implementing solutions.


Project description

In my PhD research I explore the discursive strategies used by citizens, governments and public organizations to negotiate the roles and rules guiding these new governmental arrangements. Since most issues taken up by self-governing communities are experienced locally and politically addressed at the municipal level, the research focusses in particular on new governmental arrangements in small villages and town neighborhoods.