BA (Andy) Nyamekye

BA (Andy) Nyamekye

PhD Researcher, Promovendus

I am a researcher with background in Development Policy Planning and Management and have been involved in research works in the areas of governance, climate and environmental management, policy planning, impact assessment and energy management.

I am currently a PhD researcher on the EVOCA project with a focus on adaptive governance of the food-water-climate nexus through a definition of the role of actionable knowledge for individual and collective decision-making. My research seeks to investigate how technology could promote the availability of information and support knowledge co-creation and insights for decision making about water and food production, which are essential for rural livelihoods. I work with the Kumasi Institute of Technology, Energy and Environment, a Civil Society Organization in Ghana.

PhD thesis
Creating Actionable Knowledge for Adaptive Decision-Making through Environmental Virtual Observatories: the Case of Irrigated Rice Production in Northern Ghana  

Project description
The study through action research aims to understand how the availability of a hydro-climatic virtual observatory could improve information exchange, knowledge creation and adaptive decisions in water management in Bontanga and its environs. This includes an understanding of existing formal and informal structures informing water management and decision making and how decisions could be more adaptive with change from an information and knowledge perspective.   

Local Organisation
Kumasi Institute of Technology, Energy and Environment

Problem Definition and Water Needs Assessment with Rice Farmers.

Participatory Decision Making (towards Collective/Connective Action).

Engaging Community Leaders.