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Education - dr. C (Chizu) Sato

Chizu Sato teaches gender and diversity related topics in domains of consumption, health, economy and ecology at BSc, MSc and PhD levels.

The followings are just several possible thesis topics for BBC, BGM and MSc students:

  • gender and diversity in consumer culture and/or health;
  • consumption as development (e.g., ethical consumption, fair trade, cause marketing);
  • sustainable consumption, degrowth
  • diverse and community food or health economies (e.g., how food is shared or informal care is organized by a community/community-based organization);
  • transnational care;
  • market-based approach to health in the global South (e.g., social enterprise model of elderly care); and
  • the use of art-based methods to 1) investigate and 2) enable sustainable, healthy lifestyle and/or transform inequality.


CHL-12305 Sociology of Business and Consumption
CHL-20306 Gender and Diversity in Consumer Culture
CHL-20806 Lifestyles and Consumption
UEC-22306 Economics of Consumption, Welfare and Society
WRM-51304 Emotions in Debates on Natural Resources