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Education - EJM (Edith) Feskens


HNH-50402 Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
HNH-50405 Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
HNH-35903 Miscellaneous Tools in Epidemiological Research
HNH-50401 Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
HNH-50403 Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
HNH-50406 Capita Selecta Human Nutrition
YNH-80312 BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
HNH-85824 MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
HNH-75824 MSc Internship Global Nutrition
HNH-85836 MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
HNH-79724 MSc Research Practice Global Nutrition
HNH-31506 Analytical Epidemiology I: Modelling in Nutrition & Disease Research
HNH-32806 Exposure Assessment in Nutrition and Health Research
HNH-11804 Introduction to the field of Nutrition and Health
HNH-28803 Introduction Analytical Epidemiology and Public Health
HNH-34903 Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Methods
HNH-29303 Measuring Dietary Intake
HNH-31606 Analytical Epidemiology II
HNH-24806 Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health
HNH-26806 Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
HNH-39106 Data Science for Nutritional Epidemiology
HNH-38802 Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
HNH-33403 Advanced Analytical Epidemiology