dr.ir. EJ (Ellen) van Loo

dr.ir. EJ (Ellen) van Loo

Universitair docent

Ellen J. Van Loo is an Assistant Professor in Marketing and Consumer Behavior.

General Research Topic
My research expertise is in food marketing and consumer behavior, with specific emphasis on healthy and sustainable food consumption.

Current Research
Originally, my research focused on the effect of labeling and quality attributes on food choices. 
My current research focuses on IT-supported consumer food choices to encourage healthy and sustainable consumer food choices. This includes for example, research on how to stimulate healthy and sustainable food choices in the online grocery shopping environment as well as digital tools in both the physical as online store to guide consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.  

Keywords: Food choices in the online environment; IT-supported consumer food choice; Food labelling; Quality labelling; Novel food;  Willingness-to-pay; Sustainable and healthy food choice