dr.ir. M (Greet) Blom-Zandstra

dr.ir. M (Greet) Blom-Zandstra

Researcher Stress Physiology

Greet Blom works on the development of crop management strategies for crops that are exposed to stress situations such as salinization and drought. Based on the potential of crops to adapt to stress conditions, she develops innovative and sustainable cultivation strategies together with farmers. In addition, she introduces suitable crop types and smart farm management tools to develop a sustainable and cost-effective agricultural system. She teaches farmers about the cultivation of salt and drought tolerant crops and the use of equipment for monitoring and control.


The most important current projects are:

- Introduction of an underground irrigation system in a potato cultivation in the Algerian Sahara

- Development of a smartphone application for fertilization and water supply in maize and rice in Myanmar

- Guidance of Dutch tulip farmers when making decisions about their water management during salinization

- Development of innovative cultivation systems with salt and drought tolerant crops in Saudi Arabia