dr. IM (Ina) Möller

dr. IM (Ina) Möller


Email: ina.moller@wur.nl

Ina joined ENP through the Wageningen Graduate Schools PostDoc talent programme. She works together with Prof. Aarti Gupta on anticipation and transparency in the governance of climate change. Her principal focus has been on the politics of climate geoengineering, a set of speculative, large-scale interventions into natural systems that are envisioned to stabilize global temperatures. She is also a core-member of Wageningen University's TRANSGOV project, analysing the implications of increasing demand/delivery of transparency in global climate governance.

Ina is a research fellow with the Earth System Governance project, the largest network of social scientists engaging with interlinkages between social and environmental systems. She is co-editor of the project`s Early Career Resources and a member of its Task Force on New Technologies, and has contributed the project`s harvesting initiative on Agency in Earth System Governance.

Ina completed her PhD at Lund University`s Department of Political Science in a project on institutional complexity in climate change governance, where she wrote her PhD thesis on the Emergent Politics of Geoengineering. She has an M.Sc. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, and a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration.