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Projets - prof. M (Mangala) Srinivas

Strijkers G, Vandoorne K, Srinivas M. Fluorine magnetic resonance and ultrasound imaging of cardiac inflammation (MUSICIAN). STW grant, NWO Technology Foundation (750, 000). 2016-21.

Srinivas M. Junior Principal Investigator status at Radboud UMC. This is a competitive grant with requirements in publications, successful grants and social standing (57,500 per year).  

Benzton JF, Feil S, Srinivas M. SCAN: Subclinical atherosclerosis characterization: Nanoparticle-based molecular and cellular imaging. ERA-NET CVD (800, 000).  2018-2021.

Srinivas M, Simon J. Multimodal imaging agents for cell tracking. Radboud Innovation Fund (80k).

Srinivas M. EU Nanoparticle Characterisation Lab (EU NCL) for full characterisation of the particles, including in vivo toxicity testing.

Srinivas M, Simon J. Multimodal imaging contrast agents. NWO Take-off Phase 1 (40, 000).

Srinivas M, Simon J. Cenya. ERC Proof of Concept (150, 000). 2019-2021.

Srinivas M, Simon J. Cenya Imaging. RedMedTech (250, 000). 2019-2024.

Srinivas M, Simon J. Cenya Imaging. NWO Take-off Phase II (250,000). 2019-2024.

Srinivas M and consortium (coordinated by LeidenUMC). NOVA-MRI: Novel applications in 19F MRI. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019 (4.05M; about 500k to Cenya). 2019-2024.

Srinivas M, and consortium (coordinated by VILABS, Greece). CALIPER: Linking research and innovation for gender equality. H2020-SwafS-2019-1 (2.9M; 158k to YAE). 2019-2024.

Srinivas M, and consortium. COST Cross-Cutting Activity. How to address the increasing challenge of science communication in a diverse European (media) landscape? (YAE) 2019-2022.

Srinivas M, Simon J (Cenya), Mondino A & Chaabane L (San Raffaele), Debet R & Bernsen M (ErasmusMC), Maynard J (Medicines Discovery Catapult UK). Translatable multimodal imaging agent for tracking and quantifying cell therapies in vivo. CRACK IT Challenge Phase 1 by Innovate UK, together with GSK and Novartis (£100k, for 6 months). 2020.

Srinivas M, and consortium (coordinated by MJR-PharmJet. Pharmaceutical Open Innovation Test Bed for Enabling Nano-pharmaceutical Innovative Products (PHOENIX). H2020-NMBP-TO-IND-2020-twostage call (14.45M). 2021-2025.

Srinivas M. Intraveneously injected unusual nanoparticles in the clinic (Unusual-IV). ERC Proof of Concept (150, 000). 2021-2022.