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Projets - dr. MPM (Marleen) Bekker

1. Evaluation study All about Health program (ZonMw, Maastricht University) 2018-2022.

2. Evaluation study Green Carpet city of Maastricht (ZonMw, Maastricht University)( 2018-2022.

3. Promotie onderzoek Kristine Mourits AMPHI/Gemeente Nijmegen.

4.Understanding public health adaptation to climate change: a reflexive 10 monitoring study into the development of Oak Processionary Moth disease prevention. PhD project Yvette Buist 2019-2023. WUR Health and Society.

5. Achieving Global One Health: developing adaptive prevention systems for vector-borne diseases. Post-doctoral project Henk Broekhuizen 1 August 2020 1 August 2023. WUR Health and Society.

6. Governance Evaluation policy preperations of the Combined Lifestyle Intervention in the Dutch healthcare insurance package 2007 2019 (commissioned by Ministry of Public health Welfare and Sport, 2020 2021).