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Projets - RM (Renate) Winkels PhD

Projects of Renate Winkels

SoFIT study Randomised controlled trial for colorectal cancer survivors suffering from fatigue. The goal of the trial is to assess whether a personalized program to improve lifestyle (diet, physical activity, body weight) will help to lower fatigue.

COLON study: observational study among colorectal cancer survivors (n=2,500). In the study, we investigate whether diet, body composition, physical activity and other lifestyle factors are associated with short and long-term outcomes such as surgical outcomes, fatigue, quality of life, recurrence and survival 

COBRA study: observational study among breast cancer survivors. The goal of this study was to assess changes in body composition (fat mass, and fat-free mass) during and after chemotherapy, and to compare those changes to changes in body composition among women without breast cancer 

Voed je Beter [Feed yourself healthy]: randomized controlled trial on the impact of a healthy diet for the risk profile of patients with cardiometabolic disease