Article about microplastic in marine worms and fish is Editor's Choice in Environmental Pollution

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6 mai 2014

The Journal Environmental Pollution selected the paper on plastic additives in marine worms and fish by Bart Koelmans, Ellen Besseling and Edwin Foekema, as Editor's Choice of the Month in April 2014.

Photo: Lugworms Arenicola marina (© Oscar Bos)

Looking for two substances

In the paper, the uptake of plastic additives after plastic ingestion was modeled for marine worms and fish. This was done for two priority substances often encountered in plastics in high concentrations: bisphenol A and nonylphenol. Because modeling always comes with uncertainty, modeling was probabilistic and used Monte Carlo simulations. This means that the uncertainties are quantified and taken into account in the conclusions.

Plastic ingestion in lugworms and fish

The simulations showed that exposure of fish to bisphenol A and nonylphenol due to plastic ingestion was negligible compared to chemical concentrations already present in fish. For marine worms, the simulations showed that plastic ingestion may be relevant, yet only in very exceptional cases.


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