Martin Sikma wins Student Research Award 2014

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28 novembre 2014

On 26 November, during the Student Research Conference at TU Delft, Martin Sikma, student of Wageningen University, was handed the Student Research Award 2014 by Education Minister Jet Bussemaker. The prize is awarded for the best bachelor research of the Netherlands and Flanders.

All reviewers unanimously rated Sikma’s research on the transport of mass in clouds, such as moisture and chemicals, as excellent. Among the members of the jury were Karel Luyben (Rector Magnificus TU Delft) and the winner of 2013, Christine Verbeke.

About the winner

Martin Sikma is now MSc student Earth and Environment (MEE) in the Chair Group Meteorology and Air Quality (MAQ). The submitted study concerned his BSc thesis as student Soil, Water, Atmosphere (BWA), which was written under supervision of Jordi Vilà and Huug Ouwersloot.


The Student Research Award is the most prestigious prize for the best bachelor research in the Netherlands and Flanders and is worth € 1 500.-. A committee of 45 professors judged 95 submissions over the last few months