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Education - HB (Bauke) Albada

Coordinater of:

Bio-organic Chemistry (ORC-20306), Chemical Biology: Exploring Biology with Small Molecules (ORC-50803)


Teacher in:

Designer Materials, Metal-Complex Chemistry, Coordination and Characterization, Bio-Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences, VLAG Advanced Organic Chemistry, Experimental Analysis Techniques


ORC-50803 Chemical Biology: Exploring Biology with Small Molecules
ORC-80424 MSc Thesis Organic Chemistry
ORC-51303 Advanced Organic Chemistry
ORC-70224 MSc Internship Organic Chemistry
ORC-79224 MSc Research Practice Organic Chemistry
PCC-33808 From Molecule to Designer Material
BNT-31306 Metal Complex Coordination Chemistry & Characterization
ORC-20306 Bio-organic Chemistry
SOC-33806 Environmental Analytical Techniques
ORC-70424 MSc Internship Organic Chemistry
ORC-80436 MSc Thesis Organic Chemistry