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Projets - dr. DV (Daniela) Bustos Korts

EU-INVITE: the overall objective of INVITE, a 5-year European Union funded project, is to foster the introduction of new varieties better adapted to varying biotic and abiotic conditions and to more sustainable crop management practices. I’m involved in WP4, led by Fred van Eeuwijk, aiming at evaluating methodologies for environment classification and proposing strategies to improve the efficiency of the variety testing network.

Digital twin of a tomato crop in a greenhouse: this project, let by Jochem Evers, aims at developing a 3D simulation model that is fed in real-time with sensor information from a real greenhouse. These constant updates make this digital twin more advanced than the existing simulation models. The interactions between the characteristics of the crop (the variety), the environmental factors and crop management are all simulated in the virtual crop. Because the model is linked to a real tomato crop in a greenhouse, it becomes possible to refine predictions more and more and thus make better choices for the real crop.

Collaborations with plant breeding companies: these projects involve methods for environment characterization and classification, and prediction of genotype performance across multiple environments.