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Projets - prof.dr. F (Fulco) Ludwig

All my current phd students and research project are focussing on three different themes

  1. Future changes in the global water cycle
  2. Global change impacts on the Water – Food – Energy nexus
  3. Information Services for Adaptation


Ph.D Students with (planned) year of graduation

  • Hester Biemans – 2012
  •  Michelle van Vliet – 2012
  • Saskia van Pelt  - 2014
  • Long Phi Hoang 2017
  • Somayeh Shadkam Torbati - 2017
  • Amandine Pastor - 2017
  • Dan Yan - 2017
  • Zakir Dahri - 2017
  • Rumana Hossain - 2017
  • Tapos Acharjee - 2018
  • Kazi Rahman – 2018
  • Dung, Tran Duc 2018
  • John Omare 2019
  • Emmanuel Nyadzi 2020
  • Talardia Gbangou 2020
  • Uthpal Kumar   2021


Research projects

Since 2008, funding for 27 projects have been granted. The total value of the grants is more than 8 million Euros. The funding comes from a range of different agencies such as EU DG research, NWO, Nuffic, FES, Asian Development Bank, Dutch Embassies and Partners for water. Most project funds are used for PhD and Post-doc research but also significant parts of my own work has been funded through these projects.

Most important current research projects:

Scenario development in Integrated Water Resources Management: Coping with future challenges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Delta Plan

EVOCA: Responsible life-science innovations for development in the digital age: EVOCA

SWICCA: Service for Water Indicators in Climate Change Adaptation

Waterapps; Water information services for sustainable food production in peri-urban delta areas in Ghana and Bangladesh.